Things I love about Fall!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hi everyone! 

        As you may have noticed that Fall is my favorite season! Yes! I love fall! Everything about fall is just amazing and gorgeous. Every one's in a good mood, food just tastes better, and not to forget the fall make/beauty collections are amazing! 

Today I am going to tell you a couple of my favorite things about Fall!! Also I would love to know what are your favorite things about Fall, leave in the comments below!!! 

        * I welcome Fall with the beautiful nail polish collections that come out! I love the deep brown and deep purple colors! Here are some colors that I enjoy wearing in fall: 
                 Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI is such an amazing color, it is not black but the perfect deep brown. 
                 Good As Gold by Essie is an amazing gold color for fall!

OPI Picture
                 *Fall also reminds me of warm scarfs! I love colorful and printed scarfs. You can always wear a plain t-shirt and a beautiful orange/pink scarf. I think scarfs complete an outfit! Also, don't forget the boots to complete your look!
                   * For Fall I also love deep purple lipsticks! Purple is always in for fall! Also deep reds are a good color!
                   * I also love pumpkin spiced lattes (@ Starbucks). I just love pumpkin spiced everything! The smell of pumpkin makes Fall seem more real and perfect.
                                              Hope you all enjoy this post and Happy Fall!!! =)


  1. Yayyy! We love fall too. And I love that Essie's color but I don't know I feel like such shiny ones make my hands look so much darker!
    Good post though! :)

  2. Just got your link from the bbloggers chat!
    I love fall too :)
    Love the burgundy colours at fall, but I always love black and gold!


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