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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello Beauties,

Hope all of you are doing great. Winter is almost over and I am really excited about spring! Although winter has its perks but spring is amazing! Today's post I am going to share with you my most favorite product from the Bath & Body Works store, these are the mini hand sanitizers, which are great. These are usually 5 for $5 and regular price is $1.75 each. As you can see I picked 5 of them: Sweet Pea, Fresh Lavender, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Caribbean Escape and Simply Bloom. I love all of them but my favorite one is Sweet Pea it has the best sweet scent ever. These little sanitizer's are amazing for anyone, anywhere. I usually have 3 in each room of my house, couple of them in my work desk drawer, couple in my car, in my purse, basically anywhere I go I need them! They keep your hands fresh, and kill the bacteria what more could you ask for? 

Here are what they look like:

Hope you enjoyed this mini post! Do you love hand sanitizers? Tell me in the comments below!

*All products were purchased by me for my personal use and for review*


  1. I love these, I bought warm vanilla sugar and vanilla berry sorbet on ebay! :)


  2. Ya! warm vanilla sugar is amazing as well!

  3. Ohh these look so cute and yummy! Great blog, now following :) xxx


  4. I wish we had Bath & Body Works in the UK! xo

    1. I think you can buy them from ebay.. try there. :)


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