Ipsy Bag May 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello Beauties, 

How are you all today? I hope everyone is having a great day! Today's post is going to be about my May Ipsy bag. Don't know what Ipsy is? Let me sum it up for you: It is a beauty monthly subscription for $10. Every month you get 4-5 products (full/sample size). I think its great because they have great brands and you get to try a lot of different things! 

I used to subscribe to Ipsy, but I unsubscribed for a couple of months. But now I am back to it. This month I received 5 products, in which two of them are full size and the rest sample. Also the Ipsy subscription comes with really cute bags! 

1: Zoya Nailpolish: I was really excited to get the polish. As you all know I am a really big fan of Zoya polishes! I got mine in the shade in Piaf. It is a light yellow metallic shade with a shimmer finish. 

2: Juicy Beauty Reflecting Lipgloss: This is a great gloss, I also love the shade. I have not tried it yet. 

3: Macadamia Heating Oil Treatment: I know this will be a great product because Macadamia is an amazing brand. This is a Heat Oil Treatment. I can not wait to try it. 

4: St. Tropez Body Lotion:This is  lotion which gives your skin a perfect glow. I did "swatch" this, I did not like it. There was too much "glow" I guess. I am impressed with the lotion it self, but it has too much shimmer. 

5: Yaby Concealer. To be honest I have not tried this, and this was not my shade. So I handed it over to my sister.

Here are the pics:

What did you get in your bag? Share with me in the comments below! Have a great day! And talk to you soon! Want to try a Ipsy bag? Check them out here: CLICK TO GO TO IPSY WEBSITE


*all products are purchased by me for personal use and review*
* I paid for this bag with my own money*
*pictures are mine, please dont use without permission  


  1. You got so many awesome products. I really want to try the Macadamia Heating Oil Treatment :-)

    Love, Christine♥

    1. I love this monthly bag! You are right the prodcuts are awesome! :)

  2. This looks like a great deal. I was with Glossy Box and had to unsubscribe because of the quality of products they were sending out. I have the healing oil; still need to use it though.

    Hope you enjoy using all the products. They all look fab.



  3. Cute! I love the chevron pattern on the bag :)

    justrach.com xo


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