Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer Review: Light Pale

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Beauties,

How are you all today? Hope your having a great time. Summer is here and BBQ's are on! I love some good hamburgers! Today I have a review of a concealer for the first time on my blog! I have thought about it a lot, and I have come to the conclusion of doing different reviews for you guys. I usually do eye shadows, lipsticks, etc but from now on you will be seeing more of skin care, hair care, etc. So lets get on with this review!

This is the first concealer that I have ever bought. I usually don't need to use it, but recently I have realized that I have been getting dark circles. I really don't like the dark circles, and once I have my foundation on, they pop out from underneath. So I went on a hunt for a concealer and ended up getting this. I have not read any reviews on this before, so its brand new to me.

I would like to start with the packaging of this concealer, I think its really nice. They fit in a lot of product in a tube and I also love the puff they have for easy application. It is very easy to use, and applies smoothly, and then I blend it with my fingers.

The concealer it self is very great, I love the coverage it gives. It does brighten up my under eyes, and hides those evil dark circles. One thing is that when you apply it under your eye, you have to really blend in the concealer either with your finger or a concealer brush. It goes on very smoothly, but it does dry up in a while and gives a powder finish. One thing that I am not really satisfied with this product is that it sets very quickly. You actually have to be fast and blend it right away, or its going to set and then you wont be able to move it.

The shade I got was light pale. I am really bad with picking out shades for foundation and especially for concealer. But I think this shade worked pretty well with my skin. It did hide the dark circles and that's what I was looking for.

Overall, I would recommend this product for someone who is looking for a a medium coverage concealer at a low price. Maybelline has amazing products but this one just doesn't do that much. But I will keep this until its finished, and hopefully meanwhile find a concealer that suits my needs (one that doesn't dry up quickly).


What is your favorite concealer? I hope you all enjoyed this post! Until next time goodbye! :)


*all products were purchased by me with my own money for personal use and review*
*pictures are taken by me please ask permission before using* 

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