Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Review

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello Beauties, 

How are you all today? Hope you are having a great day and enjoying the beautiful weather! Summer is almost over, but fall is around the corner! And you all know how much I look forward to fall each and every year! It's just the perfect weather, not to hot, not to cold. Alright lets get done with the "weather report" here and get into today's post! 

Today I will be reviewing the new Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments. I heard so much hype about these, and couldn't wait until they came to a store near me. Couple of weeks ago, I was snooping around CVS (like I always do) and found a display of these! And surely I had to pick some up. Now first of all, you all know that I love the Maybelline color tattoos. They are very easy to apply and stay put for a long time! I have a review of them HERE and HERE

Ok so on to the Pure Pigments, I was really shocked when I heard that Maybelline was coming out with the pigments. I love the packaging, it is compact and great. The pigments are great as well, they are really easy to work with. I love the shimmer in these pigments. Lets get into the shades with more details. 

Buff & Tuff: Great shimmery golden shade, with tiny glitter. I love to put this shade all over my lid. Love the golden hints it gives. I just swoop it around with my eye shadow brush and just apply it directly on my lids. This gives you a natural look, but the glitter spices things up. 

Improper Copper: Is a really pretty dark copper shade. I love the pigmentation of this shade. It looks very lovely on the outer corner of your eye. I would wear this shade and do a heavy cat eyeliner. I also love the multi-dimensional shimmer in this shade. It just makes the shade on your eye look so pretty. You can put this shade all over your lid, and on the crease apply a matte dark brown. It creates a perfect "night out" look.

Here is a closer look:

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know if you picked up any of these. Which shade do you like? Have a great day beauties, talk to you soon. 


  *all pictures were taken by me, please ask permission before using them* 

  *all products were purchased by me for personal use and review* 


  1. I've nominated your lovely blog for the Liebster Award! You can read all the details on my post:

    Emma xx

  2. I love your blog so far! And I think that the copper coloured eye tattoo is gorgeous! I will have to try it.
    Also I have nominated you for The Leibster Award on my blog! If you haven't already done it, then you should!

  3. Thank you so much! And thank you for nominating me! :)


  4. I really like the look of these! Did you find them messy? I can imagine them being as they're loose pigments xx

  5. You have to be really careful with them. Just dab your brush in the product once and your goot to go!


  6. The copper colour is gorgeous! And they sound so pigmented so I bet they last for ages. x


  7. Hopefully they last for ages! Ya copper is great for a crease color!



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