Wet 'n' Wild Heatwave Nailpolish

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello Beauties,

How are you all? I can't believe August is almost over. This month has gone by too quick. I am really excited for September to come. I am going to be doing different things on my blog in September I cant wait! Ok so today I have a nail of the moment for you. As you all know I love nail polish and I love discovering different individual shades. This week I picked up a couple polishes from Wet n Wild. Usually I don't buy their polishes, they are cheap and I have never heard good things about them. But this time I thought to pick up a nail polish from their Megalast collection. I was debating, but then I though why not just give it a try. The shade collection was alright, and I picked up Heatwave.  

 First of all, lets talk about the polish. I like the packaging its alright. But I love the pro brush, it is a great big brush, and covered my whole nail bed. The formula of this polish is great too, it was not that watery or thick. It applied evenly. I have two coats on and the shade showed up pretty well. Heatwave is a bright red-coral shade. This is the most perfect shade for summer and spring. I think I really don't need to describe the shade here, you can tell by the snaps how great it is.

  Over all I am really impressed with the formula of Wet n Wild Megalast polishes. I think I will be picking up other shades soon! What do you guys think of this shade? Do you have anything similar from a different brand? I hope you all enjoyed this post. Happy Friday and have a great long weekend! Talk to you soon! 


    *all pictures were taken by me, please ask permission before using them* 

  *all products were purchased by me for personal use and review*


  1. I really wish that these were available in the UK - They look fantastic! I've heard a few good reviews on these :) I love the post! Xx


    1. I think you can buy them on Ebay or Amazon! They are great!


  2. Nice colour! I love it! :D
    I'm sad because summer is over and we have to return back to reality!

  3. I know I will miss summer so much! But can't wait for summer '14



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