MUA Makeup Academy Color Intense Lipstick Review & Swatches

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello Beauties, 

How are you all today? I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying. Today for the first time on my blog I have a MUA (Makeup Academy) review for you all ( this is exciting!). Recently CVS started carrying MUA products which include all types of lip products and also brushes, and of course I had to go and check them out and pick some up.

The Color Intense Lipsticks is one of the lipsticks formula they have at CVS in the MUA display. There are many beautiful shades but after much deciding I picked up Magenta. First thing I noticed when I was picking this lipstick up is the price tag, these are NINE DOLLARS, that is a high price for a lipstick especially at a drugstore. MUA is a UK based brand and I have heard that over there these range from $3-$4, but here they are ranging from $8-$15.
The packaging is alright, they come in a black tube with the shade displayed on the cap and the shade name on the bottom. Nothing fancy about the packaging, and the shades on the cap is not a true match to the actual shade itself. I have had this shade for a while now and have been wearing it a lot, seriously I am in love with the formula. The formula is really creamy and smooth, it applies evenly all over the lips.

The finish is a little shiny and really really creamy. This lipstick is really comfortable to wear and it stays on for a long time. It does not dry my lips or travel else where on my face. It stays where I applied it for at least five hours. It is a beautiful magenta shade and I love this shade for summer or any time of the year.

Over all I am really impressed with this lipstick, I picked up more shades and different formulas so keep your eyes peeled for more reviews. Thank you for reading and have a great day. 

*All the products were bought by me for personal use and for review*
                                                 *pictures were taken by me. Please do not use*    


  1. I picked one of these up recently an had the same thoughts you did. It's a bit pricey but I love and and would definitely pick up more.

    1. for the price yes it is expensive but the lipsticks are great so I dont mind spending that much money on them

  2. They are so cheap over here in UK seriously can't believe they are like double BUT I love this shade xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Yeah. If I wouldve bought them from UK they charge me shipping so it would have been the same price. Yes this shade is one of my favorites!

  3. The colour is gorgeous! Don't understand why it should be more expensive for you though... Silly really
    Love Victoriajanex

  4. The top part of the cap that shows the color of the lipstick actually comes off and has an extra amount of color. This is excellent to use with a lip brush for precision lip lining!


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