Maybelline Up In Smoke Palette Review & Swatches (Holiday 2015)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Maybelline has released new palettes for the Holiday 2015 collection. They released two palettes, one is the Gilded In Gold  collection which I have already reviewed and the one is this Up In Smoke. These palettes are $12-$15 at the drugstore and I found mine at CVS. I used coupons to get my palettes and sometimes they are buy one get one half. The packaging is super cute, it comes in a cardboard box with directions in the back. 

This holiday palette includes shadows, highlighter, blush, eyeliner pencil, lip gloss and a couple of brushes. The eye shadows are very pigmented and are great for smoky eye. They go on great on the lids but there is a little fall out when applying. If you apply with eye shadow primer the shadows are more vibrant. The blush is beautiful also it is a perfect shade to go with the smoky look. I wasn't really impressed with the highlight shade in this palette it just did not go on very well. The lip gloss shade wasn't that great also, it was not pigmented. But the kohl liner was great and the black is very deep. Over all this holiday eyeshadow palette was alright, I would not spend more than $7 on it if I really needed to buy it. But it is great to see drugstore companies are coming out with holiday palettes. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this palette. Thank you for reading and have a great day. 

                                                  *All the products were bought by me for personal use and for review*                                                
                                                  *pictures were taken by me. Please do not use*     


  1. This palette is new to my knowledge, unless it's only out in America *cry* because it looks so handy! It looks very pretty to look at and I like how everything slots in. The shadows look rather pigmented too so that's a bonus. Great review xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. I think it is only out in America.. thank you :)

  2. I like your review of this. I got both of the palettes, and gave them away in December as part of #AdaClaus (lots of Xmas related giveaways to my followers, readers, etc.) so I didn't actually try them for myself. They looked beautiful from the pictures so I felt confident giving them away, but I know they were holiday specific so they get hard to locate after the season!


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