Review: Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette Review & Swatches

Friday, July 14, 2017

If you know me from my past 5 or so years of blogging I love eyeshadow. Every time there is a new eyeshadow palette in the market I have to grab it. I love neutral eyeshadows and some fun colors. So when I heard that Jaclyn Hill was coming out with a palette with Morphe I knew I had to grab it. So came the day when this palette was released. I was on my phone trying to check out for 30 minutes. But finally I got checked out and this palette arrived at my house within a week. Just a little background I love Morphe eyeshadows. I have a couple of their palettes (which I will be reviewing soon). So I was not hesitant to buy this palette. 

First of all lets get into the packaging of this palette. It comes in a white light card box case and inside is the palette. Which is also white and very prone to shadows sticking to it. Inside the palette there are 35 eyeshadows. I have to say that the variety in this palette is great. There are mattes, satin's, shimmer shadows. I love how this palette is great for daytime and night time looks.

 Here are the names of the shadows: 
Enlight, Beam , Silk Creme, M.F.E.O, Faint, Sissy, Little Lady, Creamsicle, Butter, Pooter , Puky , Hunts, Firework, Queen, Obsessed, SBN, Hillster, Roxanne, Jacz, Buns, Cranapple, Royalty, Twerk, Hustle, Meeks, 24/7, Chip, Mocha, Pool Party, Jada, Diva, Enchanted, Central Park, Soda Pop and Abyss. 

As you can tell from the swatches above the eye shadow pigment is great for some shades and for some shades it is not there at all. I love all the matte and shimmer shades in this palette. The matte shades are so smooth and blend very easily. The shimmers are very pigmented and go on like butter. The one thing I have noticed with these eyeshadows is that it is better to use your finger when applying than a brush. With your finger it gives more pigmentation and goes on smoothly. I would also recommend using a primer under these shadows. These lasted great on my lids and did not crease or budge. 

Over all I would recommend this palette for someone who is looking for a day/night palette all in one. I love this palette I can see this becoming something I would use very often. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this palette. 

PS: This palette is sold out right now but it will come back instock. So be sure to check Jaclyn Hill's Instagram page. 

Thank you all for reading and have a great day. 


*All the products were bought by me for personal use and for review*                                                
                                                  *pictures were taken by me. Please do not use*    


  1. There has been so much hype surrounding this palette. It sure looks stunning. It'll be interesting to see if it arrives in the U.K. Lovely photos! Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  2. Loved reading your review. I am even more excited now to get my hands on it now.

    Lisa | Soho Stripes


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